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Tripp the Lightfoot Wonder :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

Tripp is one of the most remarkable VADR dogs I’ve met, while shooting this calendar. He is also the litter mate of Henry! When Tripp’s Mom got in touch with me she told me a bit about him, so I thought I would share his story with you, dear readers:

This little man was born without a shin bone in his left rear leg. He also had a terrible hernia, which required surgery when he was really too small, ideally, to have it, but it was endangering his life. His left um.. nut.. was discovered in his armpit as it (obviously) didn’t “land” as planned, and then a second surgery done on the hernia, as it reoccured. This little dude has never looked back, though. Nothing troubles him at at all now. He is this amazing bit of light on the planet. He runs like the wind on his 3 and 1/2 legs, he loves life, everything and everyone, and everything and everyone and life loves him, too. He has even won the heart of my almost 14 year old rescue, Georgie. “The dog that won’t play”.. I had the great fortune of bringing her into my life when she was four. I was her eighth known home, then, and based on her filed down teeth, broken ribs and broken heart, at least some of those homes weren’t happy ones. It took a long time (a looong time~!), but that wee wonder is the most bomb proof dog I have ever met. And.. She plays, now. She plays with Tripp~!

Tripp was a bit unsure of the big scary camera and as such didn’t really warm up to me, but he had a great time running around the field and he really does run like the wind. It really warms my heart to see such a happy dog being taken care of by such a loving and understanding woman.

A few of Tripp’s friends came to the park to “watch the photoshoot” and when Tripp refused to come and sit still for me (all he wants to do it run!), Maya came right on over and took his place. I think she wants to be a model as I had to have her owner distract her with a ball otherwise she would have just followed me around for the whole shoot. She’s a cutie though! 


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