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Lucy :: Shop Dogs

My goal for this personal project is to photograph 10 different “Shops” with their dogs. So far, I have shot seven and with two more lined up I am almost there! It has been a joy getting to know some of the local small business owners and their wonderful dogs!

This weeks dog doesn’t really work in a shop, but that’s only because when you coach runners there isn’t much of a shop to go to. Kelly is the man behind Kelly’s Kids Triathalon and Lucy is his shadow. I had a great time hanging out with Lucy, Kelly and the “kids” while they ran a practice at the Juan de Fuca Center. If you have a kid that is interested in running, biking and swimming then give Kelly a call! Watching the teenagers run took me back to crew practices in high school and the great times I had working out with some of my best friends.

Here’s a shot of Lucy in “action”:

A note for those interested in photography: When I first got in touch with Kelly and found out that this session could take place, this image immediately came to mind. At photography school we learned about pre-visualizing photos before you even pick up your camera. And I pre-visualized this shot and them made it happen. Thanks to Lucy knowing what stay means this was pretty easy to do. Yes, it is not a stickly photojournalistic shot, as I made Lucy sit there, but I do like the photo-j feel that is has. And since I had seen the shot in my head I just had to make it happen.



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Belle at Victory

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