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Scrabble and Checkers :: Victoria Pet Photography

The great thing about dogs is that you can name them just about anything. And then you can give them bizarre nicknames on top of that. My little Charlie has been called everything from Sir Charles to Poo Pot (obscene a bit, yes! But also true!) And I love unique dog names. So, it was a delight to get to meet these two little Schnauzers, Scrabble and Checkers.  Scrabble is the younger one and is a strong willed little puppy. She also may be the smallest dog I have photographed yet – crawling around on your stomach makes it hard to keep up with a puppy too. Checkers though, is eager to please and was a very dignified little subject.


These two reside with a cat and an African Grey Parrot as well. I think Scrabble enjoys pestering the cat just a bit too much. 




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