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Mitchell :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

Not gonna lie teenage dogs are NOT easy to photograph! But they are soooo easy to love. Enter Mitchell – very happy-go-lucky 8 month(ish) old Shepard, Rotty, Chow mix, who would. not. sit. still. Luckily he will focus on squeaky toys, balls and treats, so I was able to hold his attention for half a second at a time, which luckily is more than enough time when you are shooting at 1/250 of a second. And I was warned by his owner that he could be a handful, so I knew what I was getting into. Still, I had a ton of fun and got my fair share of dog kisses.

Gawd, I love those big ears and yes, even his big ol mouth.

Mitchell’s “big sis” is Brynn, a great Border Collie, who finally rediscovered what it was like to play and be a puppy when Mitchell came into her life. And I just love those eyes! These last two photos epitomize Mitchell’s attitude: a constantly moving, happy-go-lucky dog who just wants to give you lots and lots and lots of kisses (and possibly eat your braided hair). 

Happy Friday!



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