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Cash :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

Cash was the second teenage dog I photographed last week and though he could sit still for a bit longer than Mitchell, he was still very much a teenager, and as such not listening to much of what any of us where saying to him. Still he was a true joy to hang out with and I love that puppy energy that dogs his age have.

Almost every shoot I do with a dog, I catch at least one photo them blinking. Cash, it turns out blinks a lot. I think I came across five, but this one was my favorite, by far!


Mitchell :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

Not gonna lie teenage dogs are NOT easy to photograph! But they are soooo easy to love. Enter Mitchell – veryView full post »

Henry :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

I know it’s only February, but I have a busy schedule this summer, so I needed to start this early. I am teamingView full post »

Junip :: Victoria Adoptables Calendar

The shooting for the Victoria Adoptables 2013 Calendar continues! Meet Junip, model number two for the calendar. SheView full post »

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