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Charlie Enjoys TV

I recently read Inside of a Dog, by Alexandra Horowitz and I found it very interesting. The book covers the research that gives us a peek into how dogs perceive the world. We can never really know what they know, but we can do some experiments with them to gain some understanding. I learned a lot. And one of the things that I think about a few times a week is dogs and TV, mostly because Charlie likes watching TV. Before we got Charlie we upgraded to a BIG TV and got HD broadcasting. Had we not taken the later step Charlie would probably never have had much interest in TV. With out getting to technical, HD broadcasting has a faster frame rate than regular broadcasting and though it doesn’t make a huge difference to us, it does to dogs. Scientists think that dogs see time “slower” than we do and when they watch regular TV they seeĀ individualĀ frames and not a moving picture. With HD though, they see it pretty much the same way we do.

Charlie has clued into our TV since he was a pup, and we used to laugh at him when he would see an animal on the TV and them run into our bedroom looking for that elephant. It took him a while to figure out that no matter how hard he looked there were never any animals in our bed (our TV is mounted on a wall that is shared with our bedroom). Charlie has mostly lost interest in any TV we watch, unless the program has dogs on it. So imagine how excited he got when he saw this commercial:

Or, don’t guess, I’ll just show you:

Happy Monday!

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