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A couple weeks ago I headed down to California to photograph a botany retreat that my uncle has been going on for the last 31 years. You can read more about the “human” side of the trip here and from the air here, but I was pleasantly surprised with how many people brought along their dogs. Pippa, pictured first  below, was my favorite, but only because puppies are always my favorite. All the other dogs were just as friendly and funny, just not quite as squishable. Thanks again Bob and Ginny for having me!

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Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to visit a huge private ranch just south of Modesto in California. For the last 31 years my uncle Bob has been taking a trip to Flying M Ranch to study vernal pools and hang out with fellow botanists. This year I got to tag along. As did Bob’s new puppy Pippa. Who immediately stole my heart. I had Border Collies growing up and getting to hang out with Pippa was one of many highlights on the trip. Here is a shot of Pippa. More to come of Pippa and lots of other dogs who were on the trip.



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If your going to live in a city named after a Queen you might as well have the current Queen’s favorite dog, right? It was a pleasure meeting Sadie, aka Ms. Shop Boss at OnlyHuman. I love her Cleopatra eyes and short little legs. She has such a great personality and we quickly became friends. The only downside of photographing a Corgi is that you literally have to lie on the floor to get down to their level. Something to keep in mind next time I meet one – don’t wear black pants.

Thank you Christina and Chris for letting me come by!

Shop Dogs Only Human


Shop Dogs

Beatrix :: Shop Dogs

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Belle at Victory

The Belle of the Barbershop :: Shop Dogs

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Rayne and Billie :: Shop Dogs

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Beatrix was the second Brussel Griffon I photographed last week and boy was she a cutie! You don’t see many Brussel Griffons (I had NEVER seen one til I moved to Victoria) so it was a delight to get to see three of them in one day last week (the third one I saw was at the park and belongs to my neighbor). Beatrix works at Mille Fiori with her mama and shop owner Christine. Not only is Beatrix a great little Shop Dog she is also an expert cuddler and spent an hour happily snoozing in my lap while I got the best. pedi. ever.

Shop Dogs



Shop Dogs :: Taio at Frontrunners

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Shop Dogs :: Lola at Rook and Rose

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Willie the Yorkie at MArmalade Tart in Sidney

Willie at Marmalade Tart :: Shop Dogs

Willie works at Marmalade Tart with Geraldene. While I was there at least three people “threatened” to takeView full post »

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Cash was the second teenage dog I photographed last week and though he could sit still for a bit longer than Mitchell, he was still very much a teenager, and as such not listening to much of what any of us where saying to him. Still he was a true joy to hang out with and I love that puppy energy that dogs his age have.

Almost every shoot I do with a dog, I catch at least one photo them blinking. Cash, it turns out blinks a lot. I think I came across five, but this one was my favorite, by far!


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Henry :: A Victoria Adoptables Veteran

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Junip :: Victoria Adoptables Calendar

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